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“What I love about this is that this has a way to help them [kids] find their calm. They send you things that will help your kids deal with their emotions…cope with their emotions.”

~ Dee Cortez, Living Local on Fox 21 News

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"The subscription boxes have really helped my 5-year-old daughter who has issues with anxiety. The brain stress ball and thinking putty are very useful. We also apply the strategies in each lesson that are inside of each box. I highly recommend the subscription boxes!"
Lisa D
"We don’t get a textbook on social-emotional learning as parents so we need all the appropriate help we can get. These boxes are a great tool for us to use as parents to check in with your kids or give some at-home support to learn how to manage emotions."
Parenting Healthy
"Coping with stress and talking about mental health is so important, especially for kids! The UPside Delivered aims to help children not only understand their feelings but also to have fun with them! UPside Boxes are delivered right to families doorsteps with uplifting tools to help kids mental health and keep the calm."
Family Cincinnati Magazine
“This is a tremendous resource to families - a fun way to learn how to talk to your children about mental health and make the process less difficult. The UPside takes research-based counseling and makes it accessible to children with the fun tools and accessible to parents with their lessons. Such thoughtful pairings….I have now purchased three subscriptions for children in my family and 12-Specialty boxes - the Covid Coping Box for clients to take home.”
Dr. Michele Toth, Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist
"The last year has been hard on many of us, being stuck inside for long periods of time can be draining. It has been difficult on adults, but it can be even harder on young children who may not understand why we've been spending more time indoors instead of out at the park, etc. I recently found a fantastic company that was helpful before Covid, but I feel like their boxes make an even bigger impact now.”
Luna, Moonlit Nook Blogger
"This is for sure the subscription service you and your child have been waiting for! These awesome boxes provide more than just “stuff” to keep kids occupied. Products are carefully created and specially chosen with kids and calm in mind. The magnet is also a huge hit at our house...We are having so much fun with it! It's a great way to teach kids how to express their feelings."
Shauna, Trying To Stay Clam Blogger