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established 2019

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The UPside Delivered was the product of two counselors thinking outside of the box to provide another set of resources to families. In this day and age, children and teens are experiencing more stress than ever before; and many report not knowing how to manage their stress. These boxes provide some education to the parent about the how and why these techniques and skills work, yet also supply practical tools for immediate use to help manage stress.

Founded by Jenna and Kristin, two licensed mental health professionals working together at The Cambridge Professional Center, LLC – a counseling center for children, adults and families – they are always looking for ways to reach others in their life journey to achieve their potential. They are partners dedicated to providing evidence-based practices and quality resources in practical ways that families can use at home in those stressful times.

UPside Delivered

Customer reviews

"What I love about this is that this has a way to help them [kids] find their calm. They send you things that will help your kids deal with their emotions...cope with their emotions."
“This is a tremendous resource to families - a fun way to learn how to talk to your children about mental health and make the process less difficult. The UPside takes research-based counseling and makes it accessible to children with the fun tools and accessible to parents with their lessons. Such thoughtful pairings….I have now purchased three subscriptions for children in my family and 12-Specialty boxes - the Covid Coping Box for clients to take home.”