Help your child create their calm

Carefully curated boxes for children ages 5-10, delivered right to your 

doorstep, to help your child have fun with feelings.


Specially hand picked items paired with instructional lessons

to help children manage emotions and create calm. 


Unique children’s books and journals in each box!

Featured Boxes

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The UPside Delivered offers an array of individual items to help children learn to manage moods and feelings. 


Whether you’re in need of an additional item, some new tools and ideas, or a replacement item, the Clever Fox Shop has something for you and your family. 


Designed and/or specially selected by educators and therapists, each item combines fun with learning, while strengthening mental health skills.

As Featured In

New in speciality boxes

COVID Coping Box for Kids


A specialty box designed to help children (ages 5-10) cope with the challenges of our current COVID situation. This box includes strategies for both adults and children, along with several items for a child to use when coping with different and difficult emotions, including a gratitude journal and worry dolls.

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