May:  Mental Health Month – A Check-Up! 

With May being Mental Health Month – let’s focus on how we are doing when it comes to taking care of our children and our own mental health, especially our stress and anxiety.

From the time we are born, we start going to the doctor for regular check-ups, we go to the dentist twice a year to make sure our teeth are healthy, we go to the eye doctor to check out our eyes, why don’t we go to a counselor or therapist to check out how we are doing when managing our stress levels and feelings?

All of these are parts of our overall well being and HEALTH. Research has shown time and again how physical health connects with mental and emotional health.

Taking care of just one of these is not enough – balance and awareness is key to leading a healthy life.

Let’s move from a reactive mental health model to one that is proactive – move into the future of you and your child’s mental health.


Some ways you can check-up on your child and your mental health:

How are we eating?
How is everyone sleeping?
How do we show up for one another?
Are we practicing boundaries?
Are we taking breaks?
Are we having fun?
Are we practicing gratitude?
Do we have working and healthy strategies for dealing with our stress and anxiety?

This is a lot to think about and take care of – some days will be easier than others, just as some days we feel better than other days.

Tough days are part of life and will pass – always remember the sun comes up every morning – Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. We are all doing the best we can each day.


Take-Aways from the UPside:


    1. Put down the phone; pay attention to your own….mental health!
    2. Do one thing to improve your family’s sleep habits.
    3. Use emotional vocabulary as often as you can. This acknowledges your own feelings, while at the same time models and teaches our children that all feelings are normal, ok and temporary.